Thursday, November 5, 2009

Huge November Contest! - Due Nov 22

I wanted to send this out to everyone, because this is huge! We have been gifted a 1 year membership to Clickin' Moms which is a fabulous photography forum. I go there daily to see what these ladies are up to. If you have even a little desire to learn photography next year, you will want to get in on this contest.

Here are the details. Remember how I said this was going to be a little harder than usual... There are two parts to this.

Part 1
- Send me your best 1, yes, just 1 photo... that has to do with the following theme
- The theme is I'm thankful for... This could be anything. Your iPhone, your kids, your hubby, be creative. I know you guys will be.
Part 2
- In the email, I need you to include at least 2 places or groups that I could fStop market to. As you know, as of Jan 2010, we will launch fStop to the world. So, we want to spread the word, and you guys seem to enjoy it, so help me spread the love. Tell me how. You can definitely add more if you would like. Tell me websites you go to, stores you frequent, mom groups I can drop by, etc. Everyone takes photos, I need your help to tell them about us.

- Due date is Nov 22
- The prize is a year's membership to Clickin' Mom's forum (this is worth over $50)

Good luck and may the best photo win!

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