Tuesday, July 13, 2010

50/50/50 is coming soon! - Woodlands TX Family Photographer

50/50/50 is coming in August!

The Fstop site will be transformed into all things 50! I'm taking on a huge project called 50x50x50.

Where I will be visiting 50 parks around the Woodlands in 50 days. So for 50 days on the blog you will get to "visit" 50 parks around the Woodlands without leaving your living room, you will find more information right here on the blog and website. This is a great way to "visit" all of the parks in the Woodlands without having to actually go to all of them yourself.

What will happen:
I choose the park, (a different location everyday). If you would like your family showcased in one of these park settings, I have started posting the schedule on the calendar and you can book your session for a much discounted fee ($50). I start these August 21st! You just have to be adventurous, as we will be exploring the park together. And the great part is, I will be posting an 8x10 image of that session on the blog for sale for $50 (you will get this 8x10 for FREE). Hence the 50/50/50. At the end of the 50x3, I will put together a Woodlands coffee table book with all 50 images and make that book available to all, for you guessed it! $50. Sounds exciting huh?

So want to know the schedule, click here to go directly there. We start August 21st, so make sure you are in August! I will be at a different park everyday. Fridays are "You choose" days, where you can dictate which park I will explore. I can't wait to see all of the beautiful parks. Most of these sessions will be done at sunset, due to the heat.

So check back here often to see the fantastic park "Previews" so you can see which park to take your kiddos to next!

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  1. Looking forward to seeing some park photos!