Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Wednesday Word of the day! - Filters

Let's talk filters.

If you don't have a filter on your lenses, drop everything you are doing right now and get one. These will save your lenses! For only the fact that they are protecting your lenses, that is huge. But there are also all kinds of cool filters that do really cool effects. So lets talk.

Filter TypePrimary UseCommon Subject Matter
Linear & Circular
Reduce Glare
Improve Saturation
Sky / Water / Foliage
in Landscape Photography
Neutral Density (ND)Extend Exposure TimeWaterfalls, Rivers
under bright light
Graduated Neutral
Density (GND)
Control Strong Light Gradients
Reduce Vignetting
Dramatically Lit Landscapes
UV / HazeImprove Clarity with Film
Provide Lens Protection
Warming / CoolingChange White BalanceLandscapes, Underwater,
Special Lighting

I currently have UV filters on all of my lenses for everyday use. It is mainly for protection from dirt, fingerprints, etc. When I purchase a new lens, I purchase the filter to go with it. In my opinion it is well worth the $15.

I buy screw-on filters, which you buy in the size of lens diameter. Just turn your lens to face you and there will be a # on the rim. Probably something like 50mm. With this option, the filter will only work for this specific lens. There is also an option of front filters, which you have to hold infront of the lens when you shoot. I do not find this as convenient.

I plan on buying some play filters for my bag in the future like warming, cooling and linear but just haven't gotten there yet.

If you would like more information on these. There is a great article online at this link.

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